ssh-keysend: a tool to distribute ssh keys

Update: This project is deprecated by dtools project.

ssh-keysend is a tiny script written in bash which read a number of ssh public keys from a file (according to search pattern) and send these keys to remote hosts (taken from another file, also filtered by specified pattern). The remote host add these keys into authorized_keys file for specified user. Here are an example of use:

$ ssh-keysend bill@gates 10.1.10.*

This example send the key for user bill@gates and send the key to any known_host which match with the pattern 10.1.10.* (yes, it’s a regexp). The key is taken from *.pub files in ~/.ssh/ directory.

You can get the code from launchpad ssh-keysend project page, or get the repository code with bzr:

$ bzr get lp:ssh-keysend

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