Python module to handle runit services

Last month I needed to install runit in some servers to supervise a couple of services. Unfortunately my management interface cannot handle the services anymore, so I decided to write a small module in python to solve this handicap, and that is the result!.

With this module you can handle in python environment a number of runit scripts. I think that this might be work for daemontools too, but I do not test yet. Let’s see an example 😀

>>> import supervise
>>> c = supervise.Service("/var/service/httpd")
>>> print s.status()
{'action': None, 'status': 0, 'uptime': 300L, 'pid': None}
>>> if s.status()['status'] == supervise.STATUS_DOWN: print "service down"
service down
>>> s.start()
>>> if s.status()['status'] == supervise.STATUS_UP: print "service up"
service up

Personally I use this module with rpyc library to manage remotely the services running in a host, but it too easy making a web interface, for example using bottle:

import supervise
import simplejson
from bottle import route, run

def service_status(name):
   """ Return a json with service status """
   return simplejson.dumps( supervise.Service("/var/service/" +
name).status() )

def service_up(name):
    """ Start the service and return OK """
    c = supervise.Service("/var/service/" + name)
    return "OK UP"

def service_down(name):
    """ Stop the service and return OK """
    c = supervise.Service("/var/service/" + name)
    return "OK DOWN"

from bottle import PasteServer

Now you can stop your service just only point your browser http://localhost/service/down/httpd (to down http service in this case).


4 thoughts on “Python module to handle runit services

  1. Just FYI: this script is not as-is compatible with djb-flavor daemontools: runit appears to have extended the format of the supervise status struct by two bytes, and this script will fail when reading the 18-byte djb version. The fix is, obviously, pretty straightforward. 🙂

    This is an incredibly useful tool however, and I’d hate for it to be lost if pastebin has an outage. Would you mind if I threw a copy up on github? And do you have a license that you would prefer to distribute this under?

    1. Oh crap! That’s true… It’s not DJB compatible :/ I’ll update the script shortly.

      About the link, indeed I already had a version in github (I’ve updated the link in the article), but of course you can post any new version or modification. I usually post these snips licensed as MIT, I hope that’s fine for any pourpose.

      Enjoy! 🙂

      1. Really? I don’t think so 😉

        FYI: The uschedule handler is, of course, also MIT licensed.

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