New dtools and a bit more

Last week was crazy. I published a new release of dtools, the 4.2, a new web site for the dtools project and a couple of patches for version 5.0 of collectd.

In the last months, dtools becomes in an useful tool for me. I use dtools everyday for system administration in large distributed networks. So I decided to improve some functionalities and also test and retest current features, so in a couple of months I expect to launch a new release of dtools.

In the meantime, I still working in whistler, a XMPP bot for MUC rooms, I hope that SleekXMPP library, which is the XMPP engine used by whistler become to release early. At that point we must remove any dependency with the old xmpppy in the code and we will ready to release the version 2.0 of whistler.

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