Physics at MIT

I see in the “People of the Web” the last interview to the Professor Walter Lewin, at MIT. I have no comments about him and his classes, only two comments: 1) the great phrase: “Physics work!”, and 2) can other people regarded teacher? I don’t need to think more about it…

Entanglement: the greatest mystery in physics

Book cover

Last days I was read the book titled “Entanglement: The greatest mystery in physics”, which is written by Ph.D. Amir D. Aczel, famous for his books about physics. This one is about quantum physics, particularly the entanglement phenomenon. The entanglement is an effect of quantum objects (if we can call them “objects”) consists in a relation between the quantum state of implicated objects, so when we alter one of them, the others “know” automagically the change, even though the objects are spatially separated.

I’m surprised at how easy is to read, it’s funny and clearly (as much as quantum theory allows) and I recommended to people who are interesting in quantum theory and it’s history.