Hands on dreamplug

A DreamPlug device

Update: Óscar García gently published a similar spanish version of this article.

Couple of weeks ago I received my dreamplug, from NewIT. Though I knew some software troubles in device, I remains hopeful. However when I unpacked and powered on the plug I got a number of problems. This is the history about these problems and their solutions. I hope that my experience can be useful for anyone who take the same model and have the same problems. Afterall, the NewIT forum has a number of posts about these and other problems, so reading it is recommended.

The first problem that I found was a bad partition table, which is also a well-known bug in NewIT forums; and the second one is the Ubuntu installation which is not very tiny by default 🙂 Fortunately, both problems are easy to solve.

These are the steps that I followed to “upgrade” my dreamplug software to a cooler one. Please note that the Globalscale guys do not support other system images and installations AFAIK, so perform this changes under your own responsibility. You are warned!.
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