Whistler: a new Jabber MUC bot.

Few days ago, I start a new project called whistler. Whistler is a bot written in python using the greatest xmppy library, designed to work in XMPP networks (like jabber or GTalk. In first time I tried to use the quinoa framework, and it is very usefull, but have some issues for me, for example you cannot set another server configuration, which is a problem for GTalk accounts. So, after tried a number of frameworks, I decided to create my own one. Probably not the best, but mine 🙂

Whistler is intended to manage the connectical MUC room, and only basic functionalities are provided. Obviously it is under heavy development yet.

The code is publicy available on github whistler repository, and you can clone as usually:

$ git clone git://github.com/ajdiaz/whistler

You require xmppy to work with whistler and python >= 2.5. In few days I will publish the projecti into pypi too.

Enjoy and remember, any feedback is welcome 😉

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